Meet-up Friday & Saturday

Learn from fellow NERDS the arts of doll stringing, face-ups, and clothes making.  Eyes, wigs, lashes, elastic, wig caps, S-hooks...  all words batted around when NERDS meet.




 March Doll - Fairyland / Puki Puki

Beyond dolls NERDS have a love for costuming and clothing their miniature beings.  From Anime Cat Girls to Handsome Princes and everything in between.

Work In Progress

Location:  The Connexion behind Starbucks in the Marriott

Time:  Friday 5:30 to 7:30  &  Saturday 1:00 to 3:00

​Hosted by:  Boston Resin Doll group

​More information:

Boston's group is very welcoming to all NERDS members and anyone who wants to share their Resin Madness.  Bring your doll(s) to share and enjoy!  

New England Resin Doll Society  - NERDS

There's always room for tea and meet-ups!  NERDS are gathering across New England with friends to talk doll and miniatures and houses and more.