New England Resin Doll Society  - NERDS

The Annual NERDS Meet-up and Sale

Saturday, March 4, 2017, from 10am to 6pm



Route 3 at Route 53 (South of Boston, north of Plymouth)

VENDORS TABLES are available for rental.  Contact

SWAP MEET TABLE was a big success and we hope to have it hosted again in 2017.



CONVERSATION AREAS: Do you have a question about STRINGING, FACE-UPS, WIGS, SEWING?  This is the place to ask and get some great advice and assistance!  We'd like to set-up a schedule of panels/workshops for 2017.

VENDORS LIST for 2016 (in case you wanted something and didn't get a chance to buy at the show:

  • Team Rocket's Pokemon Emporium  by HopismyHero CONTACT: ~ is better known for selling human sized cosplay ears, but did you know we also have doll sized ones as well? I will be selling doll sized cosplay ears, accessories, doll clothes and probably bring along some human sized ears and hair bows. Come check us out at the NERDs doll show.

  • Wolfie Pie CONTACT: or Sara Bouchard on facebook ~ has been in the BJD hobby since 2006 when I got my first doll, a Minifee Shiwoo. I go by Wolfie Pie on DoA and moonage-craydream on tumblr. I've made and sold faux fur wigs on DoA in the past. Come see me for wigs (some bought, some handmade by me), clothes (sizes: 1/3, 1/4, and 12" fashion doll), and jewelry (mainly necklaces) for your dolls.

  • Sacred Stones Studio CONTACT: ~ presents work from Gothic Angel BJD, Wyld Wolf Aesthetics, and Maiden's Kiss. Find styles from basic to whimsical for all manner of sizes and tastes. Clothing for BJDs in MSD, SD, and SSD sizes, plus jewelry, customized services including wigs, eyes, clothing, and aesthetics, and modifications(re-jointing), ooak bjd sculpts and bodies.

  • Vermont Doll Lovers CONTACT: ~ have held meet-ups for all since 2011~We're not a business per se, just two individuals from Vermont Doll Lovers who wanna sell some stuff. Glad to be coming to the NERDS Doll Show and Sale! 

  • Debbie's Character Dolls CONTACT:  ~ turns rescued (used) Barbie-sized dolls into display character dolls and makes unique costumes and accessories for 18" dolls. These are used and rescued dolls that I feel have had a hard life and now can retire and just stand there and look good. I call it my "Dolly Protection Program". I also make one-of-a-kind costumes, outfits, dresses and accessories for 18" dolls such as American Girl, Our Generation and similar. I have full outfit sets as well as individual items such as shoes, bags, socks, tights and hats. I am a hobbyist who has taken her love of costumes and reduced it to doll size. Being primarily housebound and no longer able to work on people-sized costumes, I indulge my creativity by turning used Barbie, GI Joe and similar dolls into characters from TV, movies, literature, theater, fairy tales and fables. I am happy to accept commissions for specialty dolls and/or outfits, as well.

  • Marvelous Mermaids & More  CONTACT: ~ makes marvelous merfolk dolls. The merfolk are happy to be part of the NERDS Show and Sale. These folk dolls are all original soft sculpture art pieces.  I also make one of a kind individual books that tell stories of the Mermaids and the sailors of the seas. 

  • Pop Culture Place ~ is a vendor and artist located in studio 108 of Western Avenue Studios.  I sell previously loved and new Ball Jointed Dolls from various Asian studios and Tonner Dolls.  Pick up a Ball Jointed Doll to call your own today!  Lay-away accepted.  Also available:  shoes, eyes, wigs and accessories. Additionally, as D.O.L.L. designs I make clothing for BJDs including hats, pajamas, and skirts. I accept commissions for doll outfits.

  •  Siriusstar's Stuff  CONTACT: ~ gently used and near new wigs, clothing, shoes and so forth for larger BJD style dolls. Siriusstar will also display a collection of incredibly detailed Ball Jointed Dolls from such stellar creators as Soom.

  • LuckyXIII CONTACT: ~ will be selling a couple specialty dolls and heads, plus some clothes and accessories from various companies. 

  • Home Buddies Swap Meet hosting table was hosted by CONTACT: or missi nespolo on Facebook ~ sale of lightly used doll items from my own collection. I have been in the hobby since 2007 and am very excited to go to my first meet and enjoy the company of other doll owners!

  • Maverick and Madison CONTACT: ~ are collectors who have a few wigs, several pairs of eyes, a few accessories and possibly a full doll to sell. A team of friends who will also display at least 10 bjds of varying sizes.